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about confidentiality on the website

All personal data or material sent to this website are covered by the general terms and conditions laid down in the notification about confidentiality on this website.

Accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the data.

Even if we make all reasonable attempts to ensure accuracy and completeness of the information on this website, we are not responsible if the information that we make available on this website is not accurate or complete. Acting in good faith to the material on this website is at your own risk. You accept that it is your responsibility to oversee changes in the material and the information on this website.


Any non-personal message or any material that you transfer to this website by electronic mail or otherwise, including all data, questions, comments, suggestions etc., are and will be treated as non-confidential and non-protected. Everything that you transfer or send becomes OSCAR A/S’s property and can be used for any purpose, including, but not limited to reproduction, disclosure, transfer, publication, transmission and posting.

Also, OSCAR A/S is free to use (including, but not limited to, to develop, produce, advertise for and market products), all ideas, works of art, inventions, developments, suggestions, or concepts contained in any message that you send to this website, for any purpose. Any such use takes place without compensation to the party who sends the information.

By sending information you also guarantee that you own the material/contents submitted, that it is not defamatory, and that OSCAR A/S does not infringe third-party rights or otherwise brings us into contravention with any applicable legislation. OSCAR A/S is not obliged to use the information submitted.

Intellectual property rights

All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in all text, all pictures and all other materials on this website belong to OSCAR A/S or are shown with permission from the said owner.

You have permission to review this website, reproduce extracts in the form of printing, download to a hard disk or for the purpose of distribution to other private individuals. This may only take place on the condition that you retain all copyrights and other messages on exclusive rights, and that the trademark message below is shown on such reproductions. No reproduction of any part of this website may be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, nor may it be changed or incorporated into other work, other publication or on any other website.

® Reg. Trademark. All rights reserved.

The trademarks, logos, signs, and service marks (together referred to as “trademarks”) shown on this website belong to OSCAR A/S. Nothing on this website should be construed as a licence or right to use any trademark shown on this website, without permission.

Your use/misuse of trademarks shown on this website or on other contents on this website is strictly forbidden except to the extent permitted under these general terms. You should also be aware that OSCAR A/S, with all its power, will exercise its intellectual property rights to the widest extent according to the law.

Links to other websites

Links on OSCAR A/S websites can bring out outside OSCAR A/S networks and systems, and OSCAR A/S undertakes no responsibility for the contents, accuracy, or function of these other third-party websites. The said links are made available in good faith, and OSCAR A/S cannot be held responsible for any subsequent changes to other third-party websites to which we make a link available.

The fact that a link is provided for other websites does not entail that they have been approved by OSCAR A/S. We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with and carefully read the legal notifications and messages about confidentiality on all other websites that you visit.

Warranties and exclusion of liability

Your use of this website takes place solely on your own risk.


This website has been made available to you “on an as is basis”, and thus OSCAR A/S gives not guarantees of any kind, neither express, tacit, under law or otherwise (including tacit guarantees for saleability or satisfactory quality and suitability for a particular purpose).

Which includes guarantees for or statements that material on this website will be complete, accurate, reliable, current or will not infringe any third party, that the access to this website will be uninterrupted or free from errors or viruses, that this website will be safe, that advice or statements from OSCAR A/S via this website are accurate, or that they can be relied on, and any statements and guarantees to that effect are therefore expressly waived.

Please note that some legal systems may not permit exemption of tacit guarantees, so some of these exemptions may not apply to you. Please check your local legislation.

We reserve the right from time to time to limit, suspend, or terminate your access to this website or any function on this website or part thereof without notice.


Neither OSCAR A/S and/or any other party that is involved in creating, producing or delivering this website on our behalf, undertakes no liability of any kind for direct damage or collateral damage, consequential damage or for indirect, unforeseeable or punitive damage, costs, loss or obligations of any kind, and this applies no matter how they occur based on your access to, use, inability to use or change of the contents on this website.

Or occur because of another website that you visit through a link from this website, or, to the extent permitted by applicable law, from actions we take or omit to take as a result of any electronic messages in emails that you send to us.

Neither OSCAR A/S and/or any other party involved in creating, producing or delivering this website undertakes no responsibility for maintaining the material and services made available on this website or delivering corrections, updates or releases in that connection. Any material on this website may be changed without notice.

Further, OSCAR A/S undertakes no liability of any kind for any losses caused by virus that may infect your computer equipment or any other possession due to your use of, access to or download of material from this website. If you choose to download material from this website, it is on your own risk.

To the extent permitted by applicable legislation, you expressly waive all compensation claims against OSCAR A/S, its management, directors, employees, suppliers, and programmers, which may arise as a result of your use of or access to this website.

Forbidden activity

You may not take any action that OSCAR A/S at its own free discretion considers to be inappropriate and/or could be considered to be an illegal action or prohibited by any law that applies to this website, including, but not limited to:

  • Any action that would constitute an infringement of either the right to confidentiality (including uploading private data without the said person’s consent) or of other personal rights.
  • Using this website to slander or defame OSCAR A/S, its employees or others or acting in a way that puts OSCAR A/S’s good reputation into discredit.
  • Uploading files that contain virus which may cause damage to the property of OSCAR A/S or others; and
  • To this website send or transfer any material not permitted, including, but not limited to, material which in our opinion is suited to cause nuisance, is to the detriment of or in contravention to OSCAR A/S’s or third-party systems or network security, is defamatory, racist, indecent, threatening, pornographic or otherwise illegal.

Jurisdiction and choice of law

OSCAR A/S products, materials, offers and information on this website are solely targeted at users and/or customers in Denmark. OSCAR A/S does not warrant that the products on and the contents of this website are suited for or available in places other than Denmark. Please contact our local distributor to obtain more information about the availability of products in your country. The products shown on this website are for visual presentations only, and as such do not appear in their real size, packaging colour, etc.

You and OSCAR AS/ agree that any dispute or claim arising from or concerning the use of this website is subject to the laws of Denmark, and that the courts of law in Denmark have exclusive jurisdiction.

Updating of legal notice

We reserve the right to make all changes and corrections to this notice. Please check this site at regular intervals to review this and new, supplementary information.